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Interactive Maps

Following is a list of interactive online mapping applications that were developed using the MapServer, an OpenSource development environment for building spatially enabled Internet applications.  These particular applications were developed to share our research results with the Internet community.  For instance, the Minnesota and Twin Cities LakeBrowsers are online mapping applications that display results from our remote sensing of water resources project, where satellite imagery and ground samples were used together to determine the water clarity of all lakes in Minnesota.

Most of these applications are easy to use, and their tools and functions are similar to popular online mapping tools like MapQuest.

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Minnesota LakeBrowser

As everyone knows, Minnesota is the "Land of 10,000 lakes" (and actually a couple thousand more).  This MapServer application allows users to locate any lake in Minnesota and determine its water clarity level. You may zoom in/out and retrieve lake information from the Minnesota DNR/PCA.

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Twin Cities LakeBrowser

The Twin Cities LakeBrowser functions similarily to the Minnesota LakeBrowser. The only difference between these two MapServer applications is the area of interest - the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area in Minnesota.

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NE Minnesota Post-Storm Research MapServer

The NE Minnesota Post-Storm Research MapServer was created to allow users to view and map the extent of damage caused by a windstorm that swept through northeast Minnesota on July 4, 1999.